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Looking for help for scripting

Question asked by filocat on Feb 12, 2013
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I am a newcomer to FileMaker Pro and maybe already way in over my head, but it's worth a try.

I am creating a database for a small company selling "tools". What is important for them is always to be able to sort the tools, first by "manufacturer" and second by "categories". I have created 1 table (for the moment) with: manfacturer, category, tool name, tool number, price, etc ... . I will in time created additonal tables such as: customer, order, lineitem (I am basing myself on the FileMaker 12 training modules).

At this point, I think I need a script for the followings:

1. In the detail view layout (see below) which I want to use to create new records, I want to have is a "value list" for my "category" field, which is linked to the "value list" manufacturer?

Detail view.jpg

2. In the List view layout (see below), I want to be able to sort my list, again first by the manufacturer "value list", which will give me the corresponding category "value list"?

Liste view.jpg


I have been debating if I should created a "manufacturer" table now (I believe I will need later on if I want to be able to create invoices/orders by manufacturer) but that still leaves me totally perpelexed on how to link my category "value list" to a specific manufacturer.


I appreciate any help or reading recomendation on this.


Kind regards,