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How can I change the Lan ip address in a Script-Generated Snapshot link?

Question asked by bsheifer47 on Feb 12, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2013 by bsheifer47

I have a script that runs daily, that sends an email notifying FM clients that they have not followed up on something. Included in the email is a Snapshot Link to easily direct them to the record where action is required.


All is well and good for clients on the LAN, but for those accessing the hosted file from the WAN, the Snapshot Link will not work. If I open the Snapshot Link with TextEdit, and change the LAN address to the WAN address and save it, all works fine and the client is prompted for a user name and password, and the correct record access occurs in the remotely hosted file.


Below is the xml in the Snapshot Link showing where the LAN to hostname change was made:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<FPSL><UIState><UniversalPathList>fmnet:/</UniversalPathList><Layout id="14"></Layout><View type="form"></View><SelectedRow type="nativeID" id="85"></SelectedRow><StatusToolbar visible="True"></StatusToolbar><Mode value="browseMode"></Mode><SortList Maintain="True" value="False"></SortList></UIState></FPSL>


The Server is generating the emails (around 50 per day), and the .fmpsl file is placed in the server documents folder, [Get (DocumentsPath), and each successive record overwrites the .fmpsl with a new file with the applicable information about the record, which gets attached to the next email.


Is there a way for the Snapshot Link to reference our external host address rather than the internal LAN IP?


I tried saving the Snapshot Link to: [Get (DocumentsPath) & ""], but since there is no folder in the Server/Data/Documents folder, the .fmpsl does not get created or attached.