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    Creating a new Window


      Hi all,

      Can someone tell me how to keep my current window set to maximize, then I would like to create a new small window on top select drag and drop a couple of container fields..then close it with the origanal window remain in its origanal state.

      Ive tried script freeze it , select maximise current window etc..but still the origanal window shrinks dow to a small one....any thoughts for me guys

      regards Mark

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          You are obviously on Windows, since this is native Windows behavior. You can try a size of maximize - 1 px, which will do as you want.





          Check out FMDiff to compare two FileMaker files and test for file corruption at <http://www.fmdiff.com>

          Linkedin http://de.linkedin.com/pub/winfried-huslik/2/505/1a1/

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            Hi Mark,


            What Winfried is saying is that the windows interface is conceptually different, in that it assigns a application to a window space, I.e. 1 app 1 main app window. Maximize gives the db this window and when a new window is spawned, it must alter the arrangement to allow the new window room inside the application space. So you get the bounce, welcome to os resize.




            To deal with this use a script that sets the window size just shy of what maximize would be and all will behave as expected. FMTools is helpful in controlling the size and placement of the app window, then the script (which replaces the maximize option) in your solution resizes the window to its max inside the app window. This requires a little more setup but the overhead of a single script is not that much. Once in place just call the script instead of Adjust Window Re: Creating a new Window.




            Here is my code to perform this. I call it Full Window.


            Full Window


            Select Window Re: Creating a new Window // name the main window and only operate on it. I set the main window name in my opener script.


            If [ Get ( WindowName ) = "MainWindow" and


            Get ( WindowHeight ) = GetAsNumber ( $$MainWinHeight ) and


            Get ( WindowWidth ) = GetAsNumber ( $$MainWinWidth ) ] // don’t resize if window is already full size


            Exit Script Re: Creating a new Window




            Move/Resize Window [ Name: "MainWindow"; Current file ; Height: Get ( WindowDesktopHeight )-10; Width: Let ( deskwide =


            Get ( WindowDesktopWidth ) ; Case ( deskwide > 1587 ; 1574; deskwide-12 )); Top: 0; Left: 0 ]


            Set Variable Re: Creating a new Window  // if you need to resize store the specs width & height


            Set Variable Re: Creating a new Window


            Exit Script Re: Creating a new Window


            End If


            Sorry code mangled see pdf attached.






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              Hey thanks for your in depth answer excellent..i will follow through with your direction..many thanks


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                Thanks for your answer..One of the issues i have is I cant set the screen size just to my computer as someone else may have a slightly larger or smaller screen..would i have to size it top the smallest resolution.


                Would i change the screen sizing under the resolution button under the custom sizing menu?

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                  Glad to help, Mark.

                  What part of NZ are you from?

                  I spent a short visit in Auckland, Hamilton & New Plymouth back in the 80's.

                  Is it fall there yet?



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                    Hi Tim...I live in Wanganui western side midway up the North Island.. Fall is in 1 month March..youll have to come and visit again have a break..Wecome to stay with my family, We live on a Lifestyle block..


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                      Thank you for the gracious offer.



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                        You really don't say 'fall' in your part of NZ... do you?

                        I mean... it just doesn't sound right without an American accent... ;-)

                        ... besides... NZ'ders don't have enough vowels to do it justice.

                        Bring on the Autumn... says this 'Aussie chick'! LOL


                        (in work avoidance mode... Idle hands and all that....)

                        - Lyndsay

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                          Much apologies. Did my Southern US accent poke out? Also, please forgive if I someday speak of football, grid-iron for some of you, since my home state college team won their second consecutive US National Championship. Yeah Alabama! Sorry, just had to say.




                          I wish all from down-under and NZ too, A glorious  Autumn, even thou it be only one month long.




                          As I look forward to Spring,



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                            Hi Lyndsay, You are exaltly right..the term Autumn is correct..and you sure do need the American Lingo to say the word FALL..

                            So what do you call "Spring" ?


                            Yes 6-8 weeks for Autumn thats all the trees need to shake their cloths off to get ready to go to sleep  while the harsh weather passes them by.