Connecting FileMaker to OpenSource Web Platform...

Discussion created by louie23 on Feb 13, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2013 by nickorr

Hello guys, I have been googling for a solutions that can connect FileMaker Database to any open source Web Platform like joomla, wordress etc. There are solutions presented but some tried it and did not work. Just wish to clarify some points here which I tried several times I failed to connect when I tested it.

1. I quote, in "Remote MySQL' button and enter in the relevant domain you're connecting from or a % for a wildcard." how can I set and configure it correctly? and what is % wildcard mean?

2. Do I have to set my Static IP to try it?

3. I have set up my TCP/IP Server but is the default port on ODBC connector be used or do I have to get it from my host?


Thank you guys and hope I can resolve this...More Power FileMaker Community!