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    Edit filemaker output

      Hi all,


      I found some discussions about this subject but I hope someone can point me in the "best" direction.


      My client wants to retouch every document before it gets printed. I can't build a layout that will satisfy all his needs. Therefore I would like to have an editable document as output of my database.


      I found EZxslt but it's not compatible for FileMaker 12

      I found 360Works Scribe but that doesn't export portals, images or long texts (if I am not mistaking)

      I could print as a PDF and reconvert it to Word but the conversion makes tables and alignment unworkable

      Should I try ODBC?


      Any help would be great. Thanks

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          You could create a merge file to go into a word document, then your client can play with it.




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            Hi xavierb


            It is true the 360Works Scribe plug-in does not export images and it does not export portals "natively". However you can "fudge" the export with a temporary table to "fake" the export of portal data and I am pretty sure it does export long texts.


            A new client of mine has a similar issue with a report currently produced in FileMaker. The resulting print/PDF really needs a proper table, with expandable rows and columns, particularly across page boundaries. I will attempt to email you a zip archive which uses the Scribe plug-in to produce 3 different length reports where the table in Microsoft Word is 5, 10 or 20 rows. It is time consuming to create the report variations but the users find the end result is wonderful.


            Regarding EzyXSLT, back in 2004, I created a similar export to Microsoft Word process using the EzyXSLT application. The client still uses the .xslt files to create massive "Document Transmittal" Microsoft Word documents from FMPv12. The biggest table (of related records) is 100 rows (Documents) by 100 columns (Versions), incuding varons on each export to include a second portal of Recipients (rows) versus Versions (columns). It took an extraordinary amount of time to produce the different .xslt files and the scripting to populate a temporary table but the PA was very tech-savvy and I was able to get her to create the Word documents, highlight the text (fields) for substitution, create the .xslt with EzyXSLT and modify my scripts in the database. Nearly 10 years later, they still love this feature.


            If you ever find out how to export images from FileMaker Pro to a Word document, let me know. I have needed that feature for about 8 years now. It might be worth searching Google Groups for Microsoft Word (Macros). I posted there years ago and someone replied with looping VBA code that would create field codes in Word that the image URL from FMP could be inserted but it went above my head and I never got it working.


            Bye for now.



            Michael Richards

            Brisbane (Australia)

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              Depends on the level of "retouching".


              You could give him layout access so he can modify it himself. You can advice him to get Adobe Illustrator or Acrobat and he can edit pdfs. You could do a mail merge to Word.


              BTW, portals aren't a great printing option.

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