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Optimum hosting solution for FM Server 12 on VM with 3 drives

Question asked by DaleLong on Feb 13, 2013

We are currently hosting from a VM that has 2x75GB SAN drives and 1x250GB NAS.


We are running the OS and installed applications (including FM Server) from C (75GB SAN#1).

Our solutions are currently being hosted on E (75GB SAN#2).

Backups, both full and progressive, are being stored on D(250GB NAS).


Would this be considered an optimum setup? I feel like it would be better to host the solution from C, do progressive backups to E (from SAN to SAN, since it's a more frequent transaction), and full backups to D. However, our IT department has been discouraging having our hosted solution on C. My take is that if the VM goes down, we'd likely be restoring from the progressive backup anyway rather than the potentially corrupt hosted files.


Thoughts? I'm willing to override IT if there is enough evidence that my proposed setup would be better; there aren't any FileMaker people in IT, so they may not be able to advise us properly on the matter.