Java 7 Update 11 and Update 13 - invalid CEN header (bad signature) error

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G'day everybody



Has anyone encountered the "invalid CEN header (bad signature)" error using FMSAv12 ( and more important, found a workaround?



Using my testing server (FMSA12 on my iMac), I attempted to upload 6 databases.

Launching the "Admin Console" from the web browser (localhost:16000) I got an "update Java" prompt.

This update installed OK. I didn't catch the version but I guess it is the Java 7 Update 11 advertised recently (see below).


Java Update (Version 7 Update 11) Addresses Security Vulnerability

ATTENTION: FileMaker Server 11 and 12, and FileMaker Server 11 and 12 Advanced users are advised to download and install this update. ISSUE: A vulnerability in Java 7, that can be exploited through web browsers on the Mac, has been reported. WORKAROUND: Oracle has released a Java update (Version 7 Update 11) to address this security concern. Download thisupdate


Visually inspecting the progress, the dialog box indicated that 5 of the 6 databases appeared to upload successfully.

The 6th database looked like it had completed uploading when the "invalid CEN header (bad signature)" dialog box appeared (see attachment).

As a result, 0 of the databases were actually uploaded (even the folder I created for the databases disappeared).


Quit the Admin Console, relaunched it from the web browser (localhost:16000).

This time I got a "Java version insecure" prompt (see attached screenshot).

The updater installed Java 7 Update 13 successfully.


Relaunched Admin Console from the web browser (localhost:16000).

Attempted to upload the 6 databases again and got to the "successfully uploaded" screen.

Closer inspection revealed:

(a) only 5 of the 6 databases had actually uploaded

(b) only 4 of the 5 uploaded databases were "Open". Not a big concern but 1 remained "closed" and had to be "opened" manually.


Finally, I attempted to upload the remaining (elusive) database.

Once again I got the "invalid CEN header (bad signature)" error.

Repeated attempts to upload the database consistently failed with the "invalid CEN header (bad signature)" error.



(a) restart the iMac (server). [FAIL]

(b) Save A Copy (compressed) of the database and attempt upload. [FAIL]

(c) crack open beer at 3 PM in the afternoon to calm my nerves. [SUCCESS]


If anyone else has encountered the "invalid CEN header (bad signature)" error using FMSAv12 ( I am hoping you can respond with a possible workaround?



Thanks in advance.




Michael Richards

Brisbane (Australia)