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    Adding a Value Lists in existing database


      Hi All


      I am new to file maker and have come accross an issue that I can not resolve.


      I have a main contact and booking table with a PK of Booking ID


      I want to create a values list for cruise companies & the cruise companies ships.


      The idea is that if I choose the P&O as the cruise company I will only see P&O's ships.


      Here is the relationship that I have made between the tables. Is this the correct to make the above happen.



      Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 17.16.08.png


      Can anybody help me please




      Lee xx

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          Mike Duncan

          When you define the value list, select "Use values from field:" where you can select the "ship name" to show the values. Then select "include only related values starting from" and select the relationship you want to there. It may depend on the layout that you want to show these values from, as I'm not sure if you're starting from the leftmost table occurence in your pic... allowing a popup for companies first, then show only related ship names for that selected company, or if your layout is showing a detail of the companies... but that's what you're looking for.

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            Many thanks for your help Mike but I have managed to achieve my goal now.


            I got help from good old youtube.


            Again, thank you