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    FMP 12 - Runtime Question


      Good Afternoon Everyone,


      I have an interesting question. I have delployed a runtime that up until recently was working fine. Now all of a sudden one user is being prompted for a password when otherwise they would not be. Has anyone else seen this and if so, how do I get around it.


      Thank you.



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          first troubleshoot what's changed:

          1) Recompiled recently?

          2) converted from 11 to 12 recently?

          3) System updated recently (IE java)?

          4) problem exist on all computers tested (as opposed to a single user)?


          If nothing in the environment has changed, I would try recompiling it to see if that fixes the issue.

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            That is the interesting part. It was running fine on the system and then one day starting asking for a password. The har dpart is that we need the data that is on the runtime and somehow need to figure out what the password is.


            So far this is only happening on one system. The Runtime is designed in FMPA12.


            Recompiling has solved the password issue, but the data is the most important part.

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              can you copy the runtime files over to another computer and test it there?

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                Indeed. It is password protected.

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                  I don't have any ideas aside from what I posted. I assume you already tried the filemaker default password (admin, blank pass).


                  I'm not sure if runtime solutions let you do the data separation model (storing your data in a separate file) but it might be good to check out that to protect the data.


                  Filemaker has a tech support line, not sure if it's paid though, you might want to try calling them for support directly.


                  +1 800-325-2747

                  +1 408-727-8227 (Outside of North America)

                  Mon. - Fri. 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM Pacific time (holidays excluded)