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Clustered Servers

Question asked by Padster on Feb 16, 2013
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I'm hoping that some-one can help or at least point me in the right direction. I am currently looking into a Failover solution for filemaker server.


I have been doing some researching into this already, but have not as yet found anything that discribes exactly how, or what to doing in this situation. The main thing that I have been reading is that Filemaker does not recognise Windows Server Clustering.


I understand that FM server can be broken down into its various components, but what I'm actually looking to do is 'duplicate' the Database Server part of the install.


There have been discussion about having scripts which run to copy records from one server to another, that do not exist on the second server via linked tables and relationships. I cna understand this working but there would be a delay in records being copied, and also a level of overheads used.


When working with a data seperation model, you can specify multiple locations for a DataSource, that are accessed in order, so this would leave me to believe that there must be a specific way to cluster servers.


The type of solution that I'm look at would similar to clustering MS SQL servers.


Any help greatly appreciated.