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Launching URL that refers to contents of a field in the address

Question asked by carguybikeguy on Feb 16, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2013 by nickchapin

Hello all,

I am testing out CNSBarcode as a way to not only scan barcoded information into my databases but also to re-encode barcodes into other forms. CNSBarcode has been very helpful on their support page and ocumentation for making the scanning work. It's very easy. But perhaps I'm missing something. I have written a set of scripts for a test database. The first 2 perform the scan as planned and return the contents of a barcode in plaintext to the target field in the FM Go database. The next two are intentded to take the returned text result and hand it back to CNSBarcode for re-encoding as a different type of barcode and then bring it back to FM Go and place it in the targeted container field. My problem is that the third script that runs as a trigger to send back to CNSBarcode the text originally extracted by the initial scan is sending the name of the referenced field itself and not the contents of the field.


Each of the scripts involves a LaunchURL script step that refers to the appropriate application. My question is how would you write that URL to take the contents of the field without taking the name of the field instead.


The first two scripts function as the initial scan and perform flawlessly so they are doing their job.


//The third script that is intended to take the text back to CNSBarcode for re-encoding. This is run as a trigger OnObjectSave. I am unsure how to incorporate the text in red so it carries the contents of the field to CNS and not the text name of the field itself.



//The fourth script that takes the new generated barcode from CNS back to FM Go.

Set Field [PhoneNumbers::GeneratedCode; Get ( ScriptParameter )]




I have included the test database for inspection. If anyone is familiar with CNSBarcode for iOS, then you will know the scripts refer also to profiles set up within that app to funtion properly. Also, the DB opens to device specific layouts.