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    Inserting Quicktime files into containers with JDBC


      I'm trying to insert an aif file into a Filemaker container using JDBC. The data is successfully inserted, but no player is shown on the UI. When I insert the same file using the Insert Quicktime dialog on the database the file is inserted and a player appers on the UI.


      I inserted the file using this SQL statement:


      sql = "Update OrdServ set "Contenedor Voz" = PutAs(?, 'aif ') where "Folio de Servicio" = '14' ";


      Once data is inserted with JDBC, I get "Untitled" as container metadata (using SELECT CAST("Contenedor Voz" AS VARCHAR(100)) FROM OrdServ where "Folio de servicio" = '14'). When I insert the same data using the UI I get this "movie:test.aif moviemac:/Macintosh HD/Users/rodolfo/Downloads/test.aif"


      How I replicate Filemaker's metadata with JDBC?