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    Can't edit layout


      I fiddled and I am now stuck.


      In the security section, I checked the GUEST box, wanting to be able to gain access to a file without password. It worked.


      Now, it only opens as guest, with data input only priveledges, and thus I can edit the layout. Security sectio in manage database is now greyed out.


      Is there a way to revert to access using the admin login only so I can remove the guest access and go back to where I was ?


      Kim Wood

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          The default privilege set for a Guest is Read-Only access.  Log back on with your [Full Access] account and you'll be good to go.  Once you're logged back in with [Full Access] account, you can change the Guest account to have full access.  Or you can change your [Full Access] account to have no password if that is what you want.  Neither of those are appropriate for a production database. 


          One note, if you are automatically logging in (e.g., you checked the box to remember your password), then you'll need to tell the login process to prompt you to log in or it will skip the login prompt.  To do this, when you open the file, hold down the Option key for a Mac or the Shift key on a Windows machine to force the login prompt.  Or do as I recommend, don't click the box to automatically log on since you are more secure to require people to input passwords each time they log on. 

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            Perfect,  thanks - holding down the OPTION key did the trick.

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              Yes, that does not seem well documented and it is frustrating that the different platforms use a different modifier key.  I wish when you checked the automatic login checkbox that it would prompt and warn you how to log back in as someone else.  And also that both Mac and Windows platforms use the same modifier key, say the Shift Key, or maybe that any modifier key forces the log on prompt.  Oh well, best of luck with the database!

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                I include a "relogin" script to show in the menu until no longer needed. Do not specify any parameters & don't check no dialog and it will bring up the "login form". Enter admin or other accounts when you want.


                This is great for testing various privileges as you relogin, test, then relogin as admin to develop again.


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                Beverly Voth


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                  Thanks Beverly