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    FMPro 12 Developer Issue?


      I am using the license that I received for free as a member of the Filemaker Alliance. I'm not sure if the problem I am having is due to that type of license or not, but when I try to open a 2nd database being hosted by FMserver 12 Advanced (also on my computer and also the free license I received), I get a message that the same license code is already being used, and when I say OK, Filemaker closes. I assume this is a bug, as opening two databases is not something unusual. Anybody else come across this?

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          FileMaker can open a lot (forgot the number) of files. It sounds like you may have either a) more than one copy of the application on one computer and trying to open files with both copies; or b) the computer you're serving from is a differernt computer than your client and each are using the same license. Perhaps you could givs us a little more info on your setup.

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            No this is not a bug, look at your external data sources. You may have triggered an attempt to open a 2nd instance of filemaker on another machine, it finds the same license key and it will quit.

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              I also believe FMP12 /FMS12 are a bit buggy in this respect... although it could be flaky networking.


              I will often get the same message when working wirelessly to my FMSA12 (devel License) if I close then attempt to reopen the same database.


              It can't be changing DHCP issued IP addresses because they are set at the router and manually set on both machines.... but it is something like that...


              Only restarting my client machine will fix it.


              I would check the Admin Console to see if the client has not been released... but the Java broke that a week or so back with no updates to anything.


              - Lyndsay

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                Your question is unclear and ambiguous.


                There should be no problem opening any number of files.


                But what is involved here? FileMaker Pro? FileMaker Server? What is your setup? Where are the files located? If any external data sources are defined, how are they defined? If the files are on FileMaker Server the external references should not include IP address, they should be of the simple form like this:



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                  Both databases are being served out on my laptop (Windows 7). If I go to my FileMaker Server Admin, I am the only client connected.

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                    OK, the problem was occurring when I tried to open a file that was already open (but hidden), because there was a relationship to it from the first file I opened.Why it gives me an error message about the license code already being in use, I can't explain, but at least I now know why I'm getting it. I can now access just by using Window/Show Window instead of File/Open.

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                      If using server - even on your own laptop - you should only be using open remote to open the files, never File/Open.


                      One of the questions mentioned was about the exact form of external file references. What do the file references look like?