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    OnLayoutKeystroke issue with FM12


      There is an issue with the OnLayoutKeystroke script trigger in the Windows version of FileMaker 12. (I started a discussion earlier, but didn't explain myself very well, so I'll try again.) If this script trigger is active on a layout, barcode readers and voice recognition don't work. Occasionally some characters are recognized, but very intermittently. Both of these uses are important in my business, and the OnLayoutKeystroke script trigger is used throughout my FileMaker POS/accounting solution.



      My question is this – is there any chance of FileMaker fixing this problem? What is the best way to report this issue? Also, is there any workaround until it is fixed?

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          Report it here:



          You have to sign in to do so.


          There used to be another link but I can't find it anymore.


          FM Forums is a good resource....




          - Lyndsay

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            Switching to "OnObjectKeystroke" may give you more options for working around this. For example, you can still capture for the keystroke when doing "normal" entry in a specific field, but if you can trap for an error, then you could switch the focus to an input field with no (or a different) trigger.


            Also, you might investigate your trigger script a little more. We've had scanner input behave differently because our scripts were originally programmed with an assumption of "human" input speeds.


            This had to do with when we were evaluating the input. One thing that solved a lot of problems was to change the trigger script to "OnObectExit" and change the fields behavior to exit with a "Return," which then triggered the on exit script. Scanners - at least the last few that we've worked with - generally send a carriage return after the input, so this worked out really well.


            Good luck, I know this stuff can be very frustrating.


            Bob Gossom

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              Had the same issue, but without a layout script trigger.

              A simple OnObjectKeystroke script to check if a global variable exists, if so exit otherwise set it to the current timestamp on the barcode input field returned only 5 or 6 of the expected 10 characters.


              No issues at all on a Mac

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                Thanks for the replies. The most critical issue was inputting items into a sales order using the barcode scanner, so I modified the layout and removed the keystroke triggers. Unfortunately, there are about 40 other layouts that use keystroke triggers for navigation, checkbox input, and other uses. I could modify those layouts, but it would mean changing keyboard shortcuts that are used extensivelyby my employees. I have to use Dragon NaturallySpeaking because of my physical disability, so right now I am the only one that is inconvenienced by this issue. I'm going to live with it for now in the hope that FileMaker will fix this in an upcoming update.