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    Sales Sheet Logic


      Does it make sense that if I am making a small database for a salesman to record his sales, that each record should be defined by a different contact, and then on the bottom of each contact form, there be an ever changing portal of invoices for him to add to?

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          This is usually something we phrase to our clients in the form of a question.



          "Will a sales order ever have more than one contact?" (many-to-many)

          "Does every sales order have only one contact?"

          "Will a contact ever have more than one order?". (one-to-many)


          Once that's answered, if there is a need for a one-to-many relationship (Contacts have MANY invoices), then we will establish that relationship between the two tables, and add the portal necessary to fulfill the "many".

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            I believe you are looking for something like this.


            The relationship looks like this.


            Here it is simplified.


            I hope this is helpful.


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              Why not have an Invoices or Sales area and just have a field that salesman that just populates with his name. sure you can have a portal of sales but this should just take you to a seprate invoice screen to create the sales of the products.