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Can't Access Files on FMS12 from my computers User Account

Question asked by JFWX5 on Feb 18, 2013
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I can not access the files hosted on my FMS12 OSX server from my computers user account.


The proper host name comes up in the Open Remote File Dialog, but the files do on show in the available list.


My computer is using OS X 10.8.2.


I can access the files using the Admin Account on my computer


All the other users on the network can access FMS12 on the network.





Here is what I've checked:



I'm able to ping FMS


I'm able to confirm port 5003 is open on FMS


OS X firewall has a allow connection for Filemaker


I've tried to reinstall.


I've tried to change my account to a Admin account.


I've tried typing in the file name in the dialog


I'm able to access FMS with FMGO



What should I do next?