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Serial number, or sequence as letters instead of numbers?

Question asked by flybynight on Feb 18, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2013 by flybynight

We have JobTickets that have multiple "Jobs" on them, and everyone is used to each Job being lettered A, B, C, D… etc.

I have it set that each time someone creates a new Job on the JobTicket, it is assigned a number 1, 2, 3, 4… etc.


The reason behind this (besides the fact that people don't like change) is that elsewhere Jobs are stored on the server under their Job number and any given ticket may have Jobs like 1234A, 1234B, 1234C, 1234D… etc. where "1234" is the JobTicket number and A, B, C, D… etc. is the individual Job. If that letter were a number, it would be visually confusing because it would look like a different number.


Right now, I just have a calculation that concatenates the JobTicket number with a Case statement that checks for each number and changes it to a letter… of course this gets pretty lengthy:


Case ( JobPart# = 1; "A" ;

JobPart# = 2; "B" ;

JobPart# = 3; "C" ;

JobPart# = 4; "D" ;


JobPart# = 24; "X" ;

JobPart# = 25; "Y" ;

JobPart# = 26; "Z" ;

JobPart# = 27; "A1" ;

JobPart# = 28; "B1" ;

etc, etc, etc… )


There is no hard limit on how many Job parts might be on a JobTicket. Right now I just have it going as high as I think I might need, then have an ending value that will create an error - this will notify me that I need to add more Case options.


If anyone knows an easier way that I might be overlooking, please let me know.