Scripting Filemaker data

Discussion created by wallace on Feb 19, 2013
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Hi all,


I'm building up a website in Wordpress that is using Filemaker as a source of data.

I'm using the plugin http://wordpressfilemaker.com/ that gives me some functionalities.


Now I need some extra features, like:

- I need to present more FM records (i.e. more worpress pages) in one layout and then update them. I think I can do that with a script and a loop, is it possible?


- I can upload images to wordpress with the wordpressfilemaker plugin; when I do that I get back a link of the image: how can I show the image in Filemaker? is there some kind of webviewer?


- The multilingual text of a Worpress post looks like:


so I would like to split the text of every language and put it in a different field when I get the data from worpress.

The other way around, I need to put together the different fields in one text field and sending to worpress.

How can I do that? I'm familiar with python, is there a way to use it inside FM?


Thanks for your help.