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    Need Help in answering question from IT guy.


      We are going to install Server Advance 12 we now have Server Advanced 11 but the IT guy sent me this question which I don't no how to respond to it. We also are using instant web publishing. Can someone help me with this.


      Here is IT's Question.

      Please talk/find out if new version of FileMakerPro, that we're rolling out now, uses SSH.

      One of the apps uses a web service. Make sure it uses a certificate / https. For the other apps, please discuss with Brian and make sure it uses secure communication. If not, please advise.



      Thanks in advance for any help with this.


      Brian Garman

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          Hi Brian


          In response to your questions

          Uses SSH for what…? does the person asking perhaps mean SSL, in which case the answer is yes, it can.

          Secure communications where…? between FileMaker Client and FileMaker server…? or…?


          It's quite difficult to provide much assistance as the questions don't seem to make a lot of sense to me…!


          It's possible that this article may prove helpful to the person asking the questions http://ist.mit.edu/consulting/db/fm/encrypt




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            Thanks for your quick reply.  Unfortunately no one in IT knows very much Filemaker Pro so it is hard to communicate with them.  Especially since I'm a math professor who just enjoys writing Filemaker solutions for various activities by different departments.


            Your link seemed to satisfy my IT guy so I appreciate your help.





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