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    FileMaker Go Demo files


      I see that FileMaker is promoting demo files for FileMaker Go.


      I downloaded some of them.


      Tried the guest list manager. Go to list view; use quickfind.


      After the find, the cursor is now in the first name field, which has expanded to double line height in Go's continuing field display embarassment.


      I wish Go was ready to show a world hungry for mobile solutions.

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          Interesting set of 'solutions' they chose.


          I prepard something for the first round of requests which I decided not to submit for the second round because I could not satisfy the criteria nor was I prepared to agree to the conditions.


          My solution was not simplistic nor classic ios look & feel and would have been rejected for many reasons. The disappointment is that they want everything to look the same and do nothing.


          If you are interested, Bruce and others, go to http://genetracker.11hrg.com.au (not all at once please) and download my demo. Don't try to buy it or you'll be going into a work in progress where you are welcome to shop but won't get past paypal unless maybe you are logged on to your sandbox.

          Feedback is welcome but realise it is slow running off FMSA9 and I have issues that are not yet addressed and the data is mostly draft and prices are outrageous :-)


          genetracker is a pet... I keep it to share my family genealogy with other family members all over the world. I have built IWP optimised interfaces and linked it to all sorts of other repositories. It is very old now but I added the GO interface as a challenge to myself and because I wanted other family members who were dissillusioned with the IWP to carry it around with them so that it can get the data into the master on my server immediately without relying on them as individuals to do anything other than use it.


          Looking at the sample 'educational' demo, I am ashamed that I didn't remake my OutcomeTracker yet for iOS... Reproducing inadequate methods of tracking student performance as a GO database is just a waste of modern resources. It is a pity I have to feed myself and spend my time on projects of such socially unproductive industries instead of those areas where I have real expertise and interest and which would actually benefit the people designed to be in it's contacts table...


          - Lyndsay

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            My solution was not simplistic nor classic ios look & feel and would have been rejected for many reasons. The disappointment is that they want everything to look the same and do nothing.


            The first two reasons are enough to knock you out of contention. GeneTracker looks and feels like fmpro. That's old stuff   We got our feelings hurt by the submission process too.


            The thing is that iOS apps don't do much. They do something and you can usually figure out what that something is by pressing your thumb into the middle of the screen. A large part of the attraction of all Mac related products has been the look/feel. iOS is no different.


            We complained that our clients will continue to want productivity on the mobile platform. The issue is, how the tools are delivered and presented.  A good iOS app can have depth but at every point the user mustn't have more than one or two choices. We're redrawing our solutions with the idea of making them all perform a single job with each element of the job reduced to it's most basic component. Coming from a decade of providing rich solutions that means a big rethink.



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              Lyndsay - I had a few seconds of joy with your file but you have set the demo period expiration date to some time in the past; so the file automatically closes. Your description and the info on your site does look interesting.

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                For all of you who downloaded an expired copy, this has now been corrected.

                Sorry about that...

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                  Yes Malcolm... that was precisely the point in the critieria which made me not bother on the second submission. I couldn't possibly have met the deadline given that it was essentially a converted retrofit of a very old solution. It does look olde-FileMaker.


                  KISS (Keep it simple, stupid!) is really the path we must follow on the GO trek. I'm not very good at that.

                  DESIGN DESIGN DESIGN is also always a challenge. Presentation is SO important and it is always difficult for me to sacrifice the least-number-of-clicks functionality. It truely is ... not a change... but rather an additional parallel skill set to master.


                  I just hope that I can get about 17 hours more in my days so I can get back to my pets.... One day... ;-)


                  I have a real-life paying GO project to build... which will be from scratch. I am looking forward to doing that as the spec is clean and simple.


                  - Lyndsay

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                    I have about 3.5k records in my copy. I've made it mostly free-range and I chucked out a lot of stuff for iOS. I had a devil of a time trying to get my 6-generation chart to be distributed evenly and it is still not. It looks better on the desktop particularly when it is full of data. My partner told me to toss some levels but I am stubborn... Perhaps I will end up making it PHP in a web viewer.

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                      I'll be honest, I was a bit disappointed by the samples they chose to release.  The mutlipoint map solution was interesting, but some of the others felt dated and lacking in imagination.  Some of the solutions I saw at DevCon last year got me really excited about the possibilities of FMGo, and I just don't feel that these showcase the real potential of the platform.  Plus, with some of these little bugs (like the expanding text fields) still not fixed, it's difficult to really take FMGo seriously as a tool for creating a standalone solution yet.

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                        Malcolm,  I think your comments are spot on.  I created the "educational" demo that some view as shamefully inadequate.  The solution was never designed to be the end all, be all solution.  I'm sure it made the demo solutions because it does one thing extremely well,  the user never has to interact with a keyboard to enter data.  It is purely a touch solution.  You're using a touch device, so the less interaction with the keyboard the better.  If you want to use a keyboard, use a laptop.  There is also one hidden gem in the program, it imports students from a text file, which is not a feature of FileMaker Go.

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                          Give a try at these ones as well : http://www.filemaker.fr/solutions/ios/demo-solutions.html



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                            Thomas: those files mostly look very well done.


                            But I notice that the gexos_go_demo file is not quite up to the standards of the others, and if you use the Notes feature, the Retour (back) button doesn't work and you are stuck and have to close the file. Luckily you CAN close the file because unlike some of the other apps, it is not in kiosk mode.

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                              Now those are cool.  Aeró was one of the files I saw at Devcon.  I think those really showcase how versatile FMGo can be.  They don't LOOK like Filemaker databases, which, I think, is the point.  Thank you for posting the link to these.