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    Value List In Find Mode Only


      Hi all,

      Could someone please tell me how to have a drop menue with value list only show when in Find mode.

      I have a value list being auto added to on a First Name field, how ever I would like the value list to be avaliable in Find mode only ....Otherwise a user could change the persons name on a record in the name field by mistake in browse mode as it stands...

      Any ideas guys


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          If you are trying to prohibit editing the First Name field in Browse mode, you can do the following:


          1. In layout mode, select the First Name field.


          2. Open the Inspector window, then go to Data>Behavior>Field Entry and uncheck "Browse Mode"


          Result: User cannot access the First Name field in browse mode, but can click into it in Find mode (associated value list will show).




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            Hi Lee, Thanks for your comment...Yes I realise I can do that..but need to be able to still enter in browse mode to create records etc

            any further thoughts..

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              How about adding another field onto your layout, a global field that will allow users to select from your value list. Attaching a script trigger to the field (OnModify) could run a script that enters find mode, plops the name from the global field upon which your value list sits, and then finds the name.

              I use that all the time. Developing a school database, i ran into way too many problems with people doing exactly what you described, so i made those data fields with unchangable data (names, ID numbers, etc) unmodifiable and use this method I described. Its mimicing the QuickFind feature of the Filemaker Menu bar, but i find this way faster than the QuickFind.

              I think I accomplish what you're asking about. If not, I'd love more details.



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                Hi Mark,


                Stack two FirstName fields.  One set as regular edit field (and uncheck entry in find mode).  Set the other with your value list of first names and allow entry only in find mode.  :-)

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                  Hi LaRetta..Thanks for your reply... what do you mean by stack..

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                    Hi jeremy, thanks for your imput..I can sorter follow what you are saying..you wouldnt have an example snip of this working would you?


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                      Hi Mark,


                      Stack means take two identical fields and set their format and entry-options differently.  So take one copy of your field and set it for browse mode and uncheck find and set it to edit box.  Duplicate it and uncheck Browse and check Find and attach your value list.  Then select both and Center them horizontal and vertical so they match up.


                      Now when User clicks to them, they will land in the Browse mode field but when you enter find mode and click there, they will drop into the Find mode version.  It is a standard technique used by Developers for many years. 

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                        Well I never new you could do that ..I tried it and it works well..Make life easier and avoids errors

                        so thanks