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    Stacked coluimns chart of related data


      Hi everybody

      I'm looking for the solution to plot on a chart the related data of a record so that for each master record will be a column of related data staked on a column.

      In practise, I have a table "Wells" where every record has an ID_well; the "Wells" table is related with the "Layers" table by "ID_well" field. For each Well there are many related "Layers" with Top_Deep, Bottom_deep and Thikness number fields.

      I'd like to rapresent with the column chart the Well stratigraphy, plotting layers thikness staked by ID_well.

      Is it possible or should I give up?

      Thanks, Ric

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          Ric -


          On a stacked column, each column represents point along your X-axis - whatever point of comparison you want to make. Each element of your column is a data series. So yes, you can make this work. Based on what you've described, your X-axis corresponds to the wells, and your columns represent the various layers associated with each well. Each layer is a data series.


          Were I to approach this, I would use the List ( ) function to fetch the Thickness Numbers associated with each well into a calculation. You'll then need to create a number of data series equal to the greatest number of layers you want to plot - the maximum number you want to record. Each data series will have a value equal to:


               GetValue ( List ( Layers::Thickness_Number ) ; X )


          where X is the number of the data series. You'll put that under "Data" in your Chart Setup.


          The problem with this approach is you have to hard-code the data series into your chart. If you have 15 or so possible layers, it's not an issue. If you have 200 possible layers ... uck.


          Another issue is your layers may not represent a true "data series". In other words, layer #1 for well #1 may or may not have anything to do with layer #1 for well #2, which may or may not have anything to do with layer #1 for well #3. If all you want is to see the layers visually, it may not be an issue. However, if you want the layers actually to mean something across wells, then you'll need to figure out how to sort your relationship so they're meaningful.


          There are other charting tools out there if this doesn't work for you. The Google Charts API offers some cool options, and there are some JavaScript libraries that can create charts that are very whiz-bang. So if you can't get the FileMaker native charting to do what you want, there are other ways to skin the cat.





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            Thank you very much for your answer!

            Following your suggestion I tried putting GetNthRecord(Layer::Thikness; X) under "Data" in my Chart Setup (where X is the number of the data series) but when I set the 12th series FMP12 didn't let me add more series! I think it's its limit! (I should have at least 30 series!)

            (Note that every related layer has a sequential number in the well stratigraphy used to sort the relation whith the Wells table)

            I'm not able to use other external tools such those you proposed alternatively.

            If there aren't other suggestions I'll try in other ways

            Thank you


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              In that case, you're probably going to need to export the data to Excel and chart it from there.