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    Admin Console won't open after java updates

    Christopher Quinn



      Operating System: Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit

      FileMaker Server Advanced version 11.0v3


      Ran updates on java to 1.7u7 and 1.6u38 (32-bit versions).


      Problem began after Force Quitting FileMaker because shutdown hung up.


      Fully uninstalled FMServer, Bonjour and all java and moved FileMaker Server Directory out of the way. Restarted Machine.


      Reinstalled FileMaker 11.0v5 and let it install bonjour 2.0.0 and java 1.6u38.


      Windows Event logs show "Admin Server process has terminated abnormally." with eventID 701.


      fmsadministrator.exe process is not running.


      "fmsadmin start adminserver" pauses for a couple minutes, then returns nothing. This generates another 701 event.


      Is there anything else to check regarding this issue?



      Chris Quinn

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          Christopher Quinn



          After as clean an install as I can get, I ran the FileMaker Server 11.0v1 installer.  The admin console doesn't come up.  The event log is alternating 701 and 703 events.  The Server admin keeps restarting and going down unexpectedly.  I don't have any way to tell what's making it repeatedly crash.




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            I recommend you update to a supported combination of FMS and Java. FMS11.0v1 does not support the latest version of Java.


            FMS 11.0v5



            and the supported version of Java.




            The opinions expressed in this email are my own and do not reflect those of my employer or anyone else.


            Ch0c0halic, FileMaker 12 Certified Developer

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              Christopher Quinn



              Here's the latest I tried:


              Uninstalled FileMaker Server 11.

              Uninstalled all Java.

              Uninstalled Bonjour.


              Installed java 6u41 and 7u15. 



              Installed FileMaker 11.0v5 installer.

              Did not start the deployment wizard.


              Checked the event log and started seeing 701 and 703 alternating events as described above.




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                I'm not sure if my comments will actually answer your question but for what it is worth: On the Mac OS X 10.6 thru Current 10.8.2, I can confirm that the most recent FMS installs and works with the most recent JAVA for each platform. This of itself is a big step up from where we have been for weeks.


                Mac Server - 10.6.8 with Java 1.6.0_41 64 bit and 32 bit installed with FMS11v5 - Works. FMS Admin via Firefox v19.0 works with this version of Java Webstart.


                Mac Server 10.8.2 with Java 1.7.0_15 64 bit with FMS11v5 - Works. FMS Admin via Firefox v19.0 works with this version of Java Webstart. Note: at the terminal, the default version of java reports: 1.6.0._41.


                This range of "It works!" on the Mac side is a small victory in the Triad of Oracle, Apple & FileMaker finally getting it together - Mostly probably thanx for FileMaker, Inc. - though IMHO is was slow to take the reins on the JAVA meltdown.


                On the Windows side - I think you should read and follow the most recent FileMaker Inc. tech note on installing FMSv5 - Make sure you clear out the JAVA cache and perhaps check the FileMaker Inc. certificate for FMS11. In my case, it is still showing an expiring FileMaker, Inc. certification with expiration sometime in December of last year. I can live with that though I think FM, Inc. should also clean that out as part of the install or give instructions of how to fix that issue.... or .... perhaps ..... ;-) get a need certificate?


                Also note: The versions of java in the above listed tech note is out date .... but there seems to be a new JAVA update ( or exploit ) about every other day. My take away about Java exploits is that one should disable in the browser ALWAYS. And then update it and turn it on ( for 10 seconds ) while you download the FileMaker Server Admin applet. Once you are into the fmsa applet. Turn off JAVA again.


                FireFox seems to allow the maximum visibliity for JAVA's state in the browser via the "Add Ons" and Check for updates link at the top of it. Personally, I have stopped using all other browser in large part because FireFox makes the management of JAVA straight forward for the SysAdmin part of me that it the caretaker of FileMaker Servers. See Attach Files.


                Hope this helps.