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Manage Import/ Export in Changing Database.

Question asked by Hemant Kumar Patel on Feb 20, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2013 by mikebeargie

Hello All,


I am developing a restaurant management solution in Filemaker Pro 12 Advanced, that is intended to be used on iPad, Mac and Windows.

Now the solution is live in a restaurent and client indicates some changes often.

When I deliver the new solution with the required changes the client losts the data that he stored in old solution.

What I need is to provide a layout in solution where the client can export the data from old solution, then he opens new solution and imports the exported data into this new solution.

Currently I have used import and export via excel format but it causes problems, and when I use fmp12 format the IPad doesn't support.

So I need a solution to this that works on all iPad, Mac and Windows.


I want to provide it in database itself so client dont need to perform any complex task to get old data in new solution, He just need some clicks/taps and all done!

Is there any other way to achieve this without leveraging the import/export provided by FM. (or at least without the excel format)

Have anyone done this before?