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    FileMaker Go in K-12


      I am wondering who here is using FileMaker Go and how you are using it?  If you are not using FileMaker Go then why?  What types of solutions, either for administration or instruction, would you like to see built for use with FileMaker Go?


      Lastly, we just launched some Free FileMaker iOS demos.  Check out Common Core on the Go by Practical Solutions For Educators!



      I look forward to seeing some discussion!

      Thank you-


      Karrie Evitt
      K-12 Education Developement Manager

      FileMaker, Inc.



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          I'm working on Go app right now. Right now mine is primarily a place for teachers to:

          1. Enter demerits/ merits for thier class while walking around. It enables teacher's computers to be connected to the smartboard and have the lesson displayed.

          2. Enter detentions.While in the hallway the administration can have a conversation with a student and give a detention or other consequence without having to run back to the computer.

          3. Look up student information. Make a call to the parents anywhere in the building.

          4. Look up insurance information for students in sports who get hurt and have to go to the hospital. It allows the athletic director to look up the information, call the parents, and get the correct information to the doctor while out and about.


          I'm trying to think of other ways to use it on the phone. I haven't explored much the ipad possibilities since most people don't have one yet.

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            Karrie, I have created a number of FileMaker educational solutions optimized for the iPad and iPhone.  These solutions are designed to be used by teachers and administrators.  I tend to focus on apps that are for a specific need instead of big solutions that cover a lot of areas. I also try to minimize the use of a keyboard in my solutions.  Currently the solutions I've created cover the following areas:

            -Teacher Observations

            -Teacher/Administrator Evaluations

            -Student Learning Objective

            -P.E. Evaluations

            -Installer package for installing multiple files solutions on an iPad/iPhone

            -Updater package for updating existing solutions on an iPad/iPhone

            -Common Core Curriculum tracking

            -Daily Student Reports

            -Creating Secure Browsers on an iPad/iPhone for on-line tests

            -Caught Being Good

            -Student Growth Calculator

            -Student Observations

            -Test Taking on an iPad/iPhone

            -Test Making on an iPad

            -Student Folio for storing data about a students progress

            -Discipline tracker

            -State School Directory


            Demos of all of the above are available at www.psfe.com.  I'm very excited about all of the doors that FIleMaker Go has opened up for my company.  So far, I'm finding that a majority of administrators are using either an iPad or iPhone.  The potential for the education market is huge for FileMaker Pro/ FileMaker Go.

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              Hey there. I'm intrested in looking at your stuff. WHen i get a chance, I'll head to your website and look at it. I'm very interested in your Common Core information.