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ExecuteSQL    Full Outer Join

Question asked by plegler on Feb 22, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2013 by AppNomad

At present the FM SQL engine does not support the Full Outer Join clause. Neither does MS Access, or MySQL (Public version: the free one). I find my self needing this capability all the time, to compare different versions of a table, or other file, to see what was in the older, but not in the new, and what is in the newer version, but was not in the older version. I'm sure this is a very machine intensive query type: lots of CPU and RAM usage. I know one can get there with a Left, then a Right Outer Join, but that takes a lot of cleaning up, and combining.


I am wondering if anyone is aware of a plug-in that supports the Full Outer Join clause, or if FMI has said anything about adding support for this clause in the future. Current documentation explicitly states that the clause is not supported.


Thanks, in advance, for any insight/feedback.