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    Object movement


      Hello Everybody


      I've been experiencing some problems with a particular layout in my companies database recently.

      The layout in question is used to print questionaires that have to have very specific measurements as they are scanned and evaluated in Germany via a software our partner company uses.

      The problem is that the layout shifts some objects with a few of our users but stays as designed with others.


      The company runs on filemaker 11 but our OSX versions vary from Snow Leopard up until Mountain Lion.

      Does anyone have any ideas as to wether the difference in OSX could be the cause of the problem or wether it may have something to do with the layout setup itself?

      I will gladly provide screenshots if it would help to clarify the problem.


      Kind regards


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          Do the machines where the movement occur have the same fonts as the non-moving machines? Could the layout be defaulting to a different font? Also are all machines on the same version of printer driver?




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            I doubt that the OS is the issue. Fonts could be, as pointed out by Paul.  I would also look at printer specs and print settings as these can vary from one printer to another.  I would especially look at default margins on the paper size settings you are using.

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              Firstly thanks to both of you for taking an interest in this issue.


              Our entire network runs on the same version of the printer drivers, the fonts are also exactly the same. The default margins are specified however our machines do run on two different languages. We use FM 11 in English but some of our consultants did have their Macs installed in German. I have noticed that this issue seems to arise only on those machines that have been installed in German. Could this be the cause?


              Also I have attached screenshots of the affected area that I took directly from the database screen.

              Bildschirmfoto 2013-02-26 um 8.23.32 AM.png

              Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 8.26.21 AM.png

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                After studying your screenshots and your latest notes I have changed my mind; I think fonts and font metrics may be the issue, and if so this will probably be related to the OS installation. I notice in particular that there is a line missing (tops of letters just visible) at the end of the introductory text. This looks like a text field that is not quite big enough to display all of its contents. That is not uncommon when moving a file from one machine to another. In this case the spacing of the lines suggests slightly different field settings could be the problem, but I rather think font metrics may be the real cause.

                As a workaround, have you tried producing a PDF of the screen from the machine that has the preferred layout and then printing from that instead of, as I assume you are doing, direct from FileMaker?

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                  Thanks for the quick reply.


                  Yes I have tried producing and then printing PDFs of the file and it does correct the issue, however the time it takes to actually print a single PDF is by far longer than directly printing from filemaker.