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FMA 12 - Unwanted Stretching of Body on Layout

Question asked by AllegroDataSolutions on Feb 24, 2013
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I am working on a new build of a solution I developed for a client. All of my layouts have header, body, and footer parts. The pixel sizes for each part are the same for each layout. The total pixels for header + body + footer = the maximum pixel size that client's monitors can display without requiring the user to scroll vertically. The client's monitors are smaller than the one I use to work on the database.


Today, I noticed that one of the layouts I have been working on is being stretched vertically to fill my monitor, when I switch from Layout to Browse mode. Only the body is being streched. There are no objects in the area that is being stretched. All the user sees is more of the body background image and the footer further down on his screen.


I checked the layout for objects that are hidden, or which have anchors that might require the background to expand, and found nothing. The size of the body part is 600 pixels -- the same as it is on every other layout. None of the other are expanding.


Any ideas?