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    Update to FM Quizilla 3 is released now


      Hi All,


      MetaSys Software has released an update to FM Qizilla 3 adding more features to the application.


      What's new in the version?


      - New format of displaying the historical analysis screen, now view more details!

      - Mark and review questions during test.

      - Review attempted questions with its correct and incorrect answers list

      - Progress module & timer for practice test

      - Displaying question counter for practice test

      - Fresh UI for home screen

      - Sort / Filter added for historical analysis section


      You can take a look at the additional features at FM Quizilla 3 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad on ...


      Go ahead and download an update now and in case you have not downloaded FM Quizilla 3 yet, then get it with more features now!


      MetaSys Software