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    Java 10.6 Update 13 - OK?


      Good day. I've gotten the notice on my older iMac (which I use for development) that it's due this Java update (1.6.0_41). Knowing the flakiness with which we've all been annoyed with these updates, is this safe to install?


      OS 10.6.8





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          Version 6 is more vulnerable than Java 7 to being hacked.  Oracle recommends making the upgrade, which the current is Verison 7 Update 15.  The only reason I know of sticking with version 6 like you have it because you are on Snow Leopard (which you say you are on 10.6.8) and can't upgrade to Java 7.  Personally, if all I had was 6, I would disable it for security reasons and just access it by external computers with Java 7 on them.  If you insist on using Java 6, then I would upgrade to the latest version and is automatically installed by the Software Update.  Java 7 is controlled by an Oracle system preference and not by Apple's OS anymore.  By the way, is there a reason for using Snow Leopard and not upgrading your server?

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            Thanks for the info, Taylor. I'll go ahead with the upgrade.


            As to why my "server" isn't upgraded to Mountain Lion, well, it's not really a server per se; it's my personal iMac. I use it for development, so it has the developer FMS install on it, but it's still an iMac. First, couldn't upgrade because there wasn't an FMS release that ran without Rosetta. Then, there wasn't a version of Quicken. Then, I'm hearing all these people having issues with the latest Mountain Lion update breaking things. So I've been hesitant.


            Do we know if the Mountain Lion issues have been sorted?



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              Mike, it is ok to upgrade to Java Update 13. No issues seen so far with FMS.

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                Thanks, Martin.

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                  Mountain Lion (10.8.2) works fine with the latest version of FMS 12 ( and I'm running it on my development machine.  FMS 11 was not recommended for Mountain Lion.  Most of my clients have Lion running FMS 12 and that works just fine too. 


                  There are some nice things about how Apple does the Lion and Mountain Lion Server.app instead of the Admin and Workgroup Apps in Snow Leopard, but they also left some control and features behind that you could do in Snow Leopard.  Snow Leopard was cleary a server manager's machine and Lion and Mountain Lion was aimed more at making server management simple.  This probably benefits many of its small and medium sized businesses, but also moved the Mac OS X server further away from being an enterprise solution.  And I guess that goes along with killing off the xServe too.  But you have to admit that $30 for Mac OS X Server in Lion and Mountain Lion sure beats the $500 and $1000 server licenses before them.  It took me a long time to recommend people move away from Snow Leopard Server, but I'm now doing that on all my clients.


                  Best of luck!

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