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Web Based Solution??

Question asked by jbrown Expert on Feb 25, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2013 by LyndsayHowarth

Hey all,

I'm the sole developer of the student information system in my region of 3 charter schools and a regional office. About 100 different users login each day, for a total of about 1000 log ins a week.

I am almost constantly getting bombarded with requests for information this question: When will our database be web-based? They think it will be faster on the web, if we're not using FileMaker Client.


What do I tell them? I've been told by a few people to avoid the current internet capability. But they're putting pressure on me to solve this problem, the problem being slow processessing of data. Now in my defense, I have done almost all I can to offload huge processes to the server through nightly updates. ALmost every field one sees on any page is simply a number or text field that has been updated while they sleep. The connection at the 3 schools is slow because there are 50+ at each school using the one internet access. And my file is hosted somewhere far far away.


So what should I tell them? Should I delve into learning how to write web pages, duplicating this interface in html and figuring out how to get my website to connect to the FM file? Do I explore the IWP versions?


Please let me know what i should say to them. Do other clients complain about how the client Filemaker is not nearly as fast as a databse on the web?


We use an external gradebook and assessment system that is all web-based. They, i think, feel the difference in speeds, and are disliking how slow my solution goes.


Any thoughts would be appreciated.