FileMaker POS integration with EFTPOS terminal

Discussion created by on Feb 25, 2013

Hi Guys,

Just wondering if anyone has had any experience integrating FileMaker and EFTPOS terminals.

Not interesting in online credit card processing or anything of that sort as debit cards need to be accepted and online processing fees are higher.


I have had discussions with PC-Eftpos who seem to be one of the bigger EFTPOS terminal integration solution providers.

Their software PC-Eftpos acts as an interface between the POS and the EFTPOS terminal and is pre configured for multiple banks. The POS e.g. MYOB retail manager or hopefully FileMaker needs to communicate to PC-Eftpos via the following protocols.

IP Interface, TCP/IP


(Last resort) DOS + Text File



I have found a plugin that will communicate over IP interface but seems very steep learning curve on a limited budget.


TYRO is another alternative and does not require the middleware but again seems like a very steep learning curve. Currently waiting on a callback, however I think they are able to communicate via Java.



If anyone has had any experience or has a neat solution to this issue I'd be very interested to hear.