setup a database with sperate files or with tables under one file : breakpoint?

Discussion created by on Feb 26, 2013
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I have now recently started using FM 12, after having used FM 6 for many years.


FM 6 was working with seperate files, that you had to link via e.g. External Scripts.


Today, in FM 12, the use of tables is far more convenient and way quicker.


However, my question is : until what size is it no longer advised to work with tables under one file, and should one move to seperate individual files?


Working with too many tables under one filemaker file

- would become too heavy (megabites) ?

- posssibly take to long to recover if the file was damaged ?

- take too much of the pc's internal memory if it has become too big ?


So where is the breakpoint, where seperate files should be used?



tony (Belgium)