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QuickFind and go to "related" layout

Question asked by disabled_xaviervb on Feb 26, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2013 by Lemmtech

Hi all,


I have 4 tables (exemple): Hospitals, Doctors, Nurses and Attributes

One hospital has several doctors

One doctor has several nurses

Everyone has Attributes (street, zip, city, tel, email )... I use this seperate table to make it possible to have as much adresses / tel / email adresses as I want for a specific Doctor or Hospital trough a Portal



When I do a QuickFind of a phone number on the hospital layout it will find the hospital where there is a nurse with that number ... but I still don't know to whom belongs that number ... I would like filemaker to go to straight to the Nurse layout (to the related record).

Is this possible?


I tried to solve the problem by performing a QuickFind on the Attributes table.But ... let's say I'm searching for a HospitalI, I will get al the records with that Hospital (one record per email, one per street, one per tel) that would be a lot of records. I would like FileMaker to filter by Hospital / Doctor / Nurse to avoid having duplicates.

Is this possible?


Any help would be appreciated.