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    Selling a Database




      I have developed a fairly complex database (for client management) that I have bundled into a runtime application, and am selling that to individual buyers.  I can no longer continue the constant updating that it looks like it will be requiring, and wanted to know if anyone had any experience with selling a database to another FMP developer for continued development.  I have no idea what to even ask for in terms of payment (i.e., for a lump sum buyout); does anyone have any suggestions?  I really have no clue as to where to begin researching an answer for this...


      Thanks for any feedback!



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          "the constant updating that it looks like it will be requiring"


          this might scare off a fair share of developers. If someone is looking to take over an "off-the-shelf" product, they're most likely looking for a system that's ready to go with minimal effort on their part. Most of their money would come from the continued sales of the product, so they would need to focus there time on sales.


          It wouldn't hurt to post something to places like elance.com and filemakerjobboard.com just to make some contacts and see what you come up with.


          I would just set some sort of parameters into a sample contract, and leave it open to negotiation once you make some contacts.

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            Cool, thanks Mike.  Yeah, I should clarify what I meant by "constant updating;" That probably means once a year.  But for me, having a full time career in another field, that's too much.


            I'll definitely check out elance.com and filemakerjobboard.com


            Anyone else have some ideas?

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              If I were going to buy it, to start I would want to Profit & Loss statements for the past three years. Basically, how much have you made in sales? What have your costs been (including your development time)?

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                Absolutely... and I would want to have a documentation on the functionality and a copy of the system to evaluate the schema and hence the level of support required.


                Let's face it... we've all make one or more "fairly complex database (for client management) "


                - Lyndsay

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                  I'd suggest that your clients are more valuable than the database solution you have developed.

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                    @David: thanks; that's good advice.

                    @Lyndsay: Also good advice!  And yes, sorry, I'm used to talking with non-tech people, where I have to explain the complexity of what I'm doing.  I did not mean to imply that I was doing something particularly special or unique to other FMP developers.  I'm basically a hobbyist at this, as I have my other business, hence my inexperience with certain aspects of this realm.