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Recurring kernel panics on Mac Mini running FileMaker Server (multiple times a day). Java?

Question asked by dpatschke on Feb 26, 2013

Mac Mini hosting FMServer automatically reboots several times a day. The crash report to send to Apple contains the line "BSD process name corresponding to current thread: java". Tried on 3 different Mac minis. First 2 were originally Mac mini servers that were reformatted and Base OSX 10.8.2 installed, no server. Lots of automatic reboots. Only app added was FM Server. These were installed from scratch, no user migration, no other apps installed. Last Mac mini was a straight non-server, brand new off the shelf, only FMServer installed (and FM Pro - not running). Getting reboots from kernel panic several times a day. All these Mac minis had SSD drives. I have repaired permissions, run fsck, Safe Boot, etc.


2.3 GHz Intel Core i7 Mac Mini with 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 memory, 256GB factory installed SSD internal drive. Time Machine is running, but its set to ignore the FM Server folder. FMS is set to back-up the DBs to a FW800 connected drive. Apple Display connected via Thunderbolt.


I have attached the latest crash log data, listed in Console>System Diagnostic Reports as: Kernel_2013-02-26-020910_Filemaker.panic