Seeking Healthcare Medical Applications in FileMaker Pro

Discussion created by A2analytics on Feb 26, 2013

I am considering giving a presentation at an academic conference titled "Rapid Development Database Applications for Healthcare". The deadline for submission is this weekend, so partial information now is better than perfect information later. In this presentation, I would like to survey applications of FileMaker Pro to healthcare. If you have an active presence in healthcare, I would like to hear from you directly. If I reference your material in the presentation, I would promote your name/firm/solution and distribute your contact information.


This is an academic conference, so I am looking to collect data that establishes trends in current methods and applications. I would be looking for answers to questions such as:


-) How many users per site for your solution?


-) What is the volume of data managed? Measured in: records stored, records entered per day, kb of images, data points collected, etc.


-) How many hours of development time are invested in the solution?


-) What did the solution replace, manual methods or another data system?


-) Did you establish benchmarks or goals for the system before implementation, and have you met those goals?


-) In addition, is the solution "successful", and what are the measures that define success?


-) Did the database system result in changes to managerial policy or operations? Were these changes expected, or did they occur after the database was implemented? (this is probably the most important question for this presentation).


-) How are data solutions for healthcare different than data solutions for other businesses?


I look forward to hearing from you. I encourage you to contact me directly at a2soft@aol.com