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Best approach to display last modified date and user

Question asked by lkeyes on Feb 26, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2013 by fm4alluvu

I'm mystified. I've got a table that includes four fields (among the many other fields) to keep track of who created the record and when:


createdate = Auto Enter Creation Date

createby = Auto Enter Creation (AccountName)

modifydate = Auto Enter Modify Date

modifyby Auto Enter Modify (Account Name)


On the data entry screen, I've created four merge fields at the bottom of the screen,


Created on: <<createdate>> by: <<createby> Modified on: <<modifydate>> by:<<modifyby>>


I've created two users. jcheney and mkapoodle, both with full rights.


Now, when a log in as mkapoodle no changes seem to be evident.....the creator and modifier are always 'Admin'


Now, this is a split database, (two FMP12 files...) and I defined the users in the front end, rather than the back end, thinking that the once the front end validates the user, it can then use the default Admin account to log into the data.


But, I guess the larger issue is, what is the best way to implment this?


Note that for the moment this is not hosted on FM server.