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FM-GO and Server over 3G - performance.

Question asked by wjmartin on Feb 27, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2013 by PowerSlave

I have a longstanding .fp7 database which has been running for years on a FM10 Server. Access on desktop clients is snappy and entirely satisfactory. There are 22,000 records, 380 fields per record (no containers) and the whole file is 300mb in size.


I am now testing access to it using iPads running FM-Go-11. I have not altered the DB in any way, the layouts are simple and work well on the iPad.


Here is my issue. When the iPads are within the same wifi network as the server the access is a little slow, but just about acceptable. But when the iPads are taken offsite and accessing through the cellular 3G network the access is painfully slow.


My question; Without being overly specific, are there certain general principals I should be following with my approach to iPad access? Are there some real no-no pitfalls that I may have fallen into? Any pointers would be welcome.