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    Number Field Issue


      Hi all,

      Can anyone tell me why these odd numbers are showing up in my serial number field.. The number changes as per the right sample top - when i click into the field


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          Hi Mark


          There are two issues to discuss here;


          1) This is a number field with some additional text characters entered.  It is best to use a text field for entries which mix Text and Number characters, as otherwise only the numbers will be indexed and you will be unable to search on the whole entry.


          2)  When you try to display a long number (held in a numeric field) and if it exceeds a certain length, FileMaker flips to exponential display - which is what you are seeing.  You need to change the number format in the 'Inspector' to 'Display as Entered'.  Then you will see all the characters of the original entry.


          But if you set the field as a text field, all your issues will be resolved without further adjustment.


          Best wishes - Alan Stirling, London UK.

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            Hi All,


            Sparked by this post, here’s an interesting  scenario I just found.  Create three fields.  The first two are number fields, the third is a calculation, the result of multiplying the first two fields together. 

            Format all fields as ‘as entered’.  In the first field enter the number  10000000, in the second field enter, 40000000.  

            The result will be 4.0e+14. 

            Now add the number 1 to the end of the first field so you get the number 100000001.

            The result will now display correctly as 4000000040000000. 

            Adding any digit other than a zero to the end of the number has this affect.

            Formatting the fields as ‘decimal’ and the ‘problem’ does not arise.  Just curious as to why?


            Perhaps i should get out more...

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              Thanks Alan..& Will now correct..cheers


              Tempo Interesting in what you have discovered.. & we probibly all need to get out more.. cheers