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Moving fields to another table

Question asked by francishunger on Feb 28, 2013
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I've taken over an existing solution, with a lots of global fields that clutter the table 'clients', which I'd like to move over to a new table that I'm introducing, called 'options'. Problem is, that these are around 30 fields used in a variety of scripts with a variety of conditional rules that relate to these feelds (meaning effectively I would have to change between 100 and 150 instances in scripts manually).


Do you know about a plugin that can assist me with this? I'm using the 2empower Developer Assistant, which searches everywhere, but unfortunately doesn't replace. If I just could replace clients::clutterfield123 with options::clutterfield123 in all scripts this would already help a lot. Then I just would copy the fields over from one table to the other with FM's onboard capabilities and then run a search and replace. (Any objections to this?)


Or somebody can confirm that any solution exists, that completely automates this task.


Thanks a lot in advance,