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Same user timeout-idle problem FMGO - Server

Question asked by wedge-eagle on Feb 27, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2013 by wedge-eagle

I am using FMGO 12 off a hosted FM12 server at 888. only been going about 1 month. But just resently (provider did patches last week end may be related ?) have had a couple of times where when entering some data into a layout/record got this error - "your the record changes cannot be saved because this record was being modified by another user while you were disconnected" with Cancel or Revert as only options. There is only one user on the database at present and certainly only one on the record (new record))) this is set up over wifi then over internet with pretty good performance. I am pretty sure it relates to a timeout or disconnect issue with longer times between field entries ? . I have fmreauthenticate set and a long timeout ~ 2 hours.


Just to clarify- My application is a Client data entry situation but it happens over about a 1 hour period. filling in the layout associated with 1 "new" record" So there can be quite long gaps between feild entry with the Ipad going to sleep.

But I have managed to re-create the issue after just a couple of minutes when I use poor wi-fi coverage.


no commit happens untill the layout if finished. So you could enter the top half of the layout have a delay . reopen the ipad at the same place. then enter the bottom half of the layout then commit at the end - only to have to revert and lose the bottom half of the data entry.


Any idea's - or just re-clarify what I should check. Oh and so far this has happened with a different layouts and differect recoords. - No scripttrigger or portals on these Layouts - At least not associated with the field being entered.


The record change while disconnected Other user I assume must be the same user.. and FM server is having trouble re-associating the session.


I do no know what if anything i need to do in the design (to catter better for disconnects ) to have this work better or if its a bug in the patched server sofware.


Help Please -Thanks Heaps