Need help ! FM 12 Export Problem in Excel Format

Discussion created by rajibban on Feb 28, 2013
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Hi All,


Please help.


Issue: From FM 12 , when the dialogue box appearing to export the file, we selected a file name as Test and file Type as .xlsx or .xls . Exported file is getting saved with '.tab' format.


Our Environment:


1.Files are hosted in Windows 2008 x64 bit Server with 8 GB RAM. We did clean installation of FileMaker Server v12.03. We are not using any kind of publishing. In this Windows 2008 system, we do NOT have MS Office 2010.


2. We are using Citrix Metaframe as Middle Ware in our environment. In the Citrix Machine - it is also Windows 2008 Server. We did clean installation of FM Pro 12. In this system also, we did not , Install MS Office 2010 too.


3. We are connecting to our files , thru citrix from our local system (win 7 OS). i.e. Files are running Citrix machine and the citrix deskto is shared to us.




ONLY PROBLEM ( i.e. GHOST issue ) ... When we are saving records ( thru script (one step only) : Export Record; no dialogue), we are giving a name and then selecting file type as ".xlsx" or".xls".

Suprisingly, it is saving file as ".tab" format only.


Please Note: For other file format , like .csv/ .mer/.tab/.html etc. we do NOT see any issue.


What could be the issue?

Is is because, we didn't install MS Office ( Excel), in Citrix machine (where the application running or the file is openning) ??


Most interesting is : When we are giveing a name and file type selecting as ".xlsx" or".xls", and waiting for more than 30 seconds before clicking on Save button, the exported file is saving with correct format.


Another issu we observed, even after waiting 30 seconds and getting file with correct format (i.e. excel format), it is not opening autometically (though we selected "open autometically" options during export.

Is this because , we have not MS Excel in Citrix Machine?


Last question - Can we make .xlsx or .xls default file type , in the list , for always, when Export dialogue will open?? currently .tab is default.


Appreciate your any help.... we need to address this issue ASAP.


Thanks in advance.