Any forum specific to images ?

Discussion created by mcrostie on Feb 28, 2013

Hi all


I am running a DB that prints ID cards on a Dualys ID printer.


The printer is connected and shared from a Mac running 10.8 and the DB is shared from a Mac server (although I am not running FM Server).


When I print a card from my laptop (Mac 10.8) to the shared printer the ID card background image is clear and sharp, as well as all the data fields (text and image container).


When I print a card from the hosting machine, all is the same...


but, when I print a card from the machine that the ID card printer is connected to, the background images (front and back) are blured but all the rest is still sharp.


I have tried resizing the image in the card background container field but it still persists.


Any ideas or leads regarding this issue would be appreciated


Thanks in advance