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    Best email plugin




      I'm planning on integrating an email application into an existing 'starting point' crm.

      It needs to be able to send and receive emails from multiple users and attach pdf's directly from the database.


      basically, they are a construction firm that sends out estimates on projects. THey need a place where they can send estimates from and all the other users in the firm can see the historical correspondence with each client so they don't overlap. They are considering using salesforce but since they already have everything in fm I suggested we try this.


      I've checked out Dacon's Mailit but wanted to know if anyone has any better ideas. This is my first time doing this so any tips or warning woudl be greatly appreciated.




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          We've always opted for MailIt for our CRM solutions. Incoming and outgoing email well supported and plenty of additional functionality added via the external functions provided.


          However, as we opted for this initially and it has always served us well, we haven't tested other options.



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            I have used both Mailit and 360 works mail plugins. I have found the 360works plugin more stable and easier to integrate. Sadly, when i had trouble with Mailit, repeated requests for support were replied with silence. Hence why I went with 360 and have never looked back.

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              Keep in mind you can always combine multiple PDF"S into a single file and attach to an email and any email message you send from FM can be logged in a table. do you really need to receive emails in FM or just log the outgoing corresponence with them? Just want you to be sure you HAVE to use a plug in is all.  I have use MailIt and not had any problems but 360 Works is great to work with and defiintely worth a look.



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                Thank you for your help.


                I have downloaded both trial versions and have begun testing each one. Will likely opt for 360 works simply based on the reviews of their support.

                I will update once I've deployed it for the sake of closure on this post.


                Thanks again

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                  I don't know how it compares to the other options, but I use SMTPit Pro and am happy with it. I think the company offers a seperate plugin for checking email, but I haven't used that.

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                    Old posting, but as it remains available for searching I'd like to add our exeperience of support services from Dacons, which is mentioned unfavourably above.


                    We recently identified an 'undocumented feature' with their MailIt plug-in, which wasn't a show stopper, but was an annoyance. We submitted our report via their web site and have had excellent help and feedback, which culminated in a pre-release version being made available to us for testing, which has resolved the issue. The time between acknowledgement of the issue and the availability of the pre-release version was about 2 weeks.


                    We continue to be a satisfied customer of Dacons (and also 360Works I hasten to add).