Help with FMServer 12/XML gateway/802 error

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Hey all --


Basic story is that we are getting an error 802 when accessing a database from the XML gateway. Here's what happened:


1. We setup FileMaker Server.


2. We uploaded the TestDatabase database to it.


3. We setup a new user on that database, and gave that user extended permissions to access the database via XML (fmxml keyword).


4. We accessed the database via XML. Two calls worked correctly (with the user ID / password of the user from #3 above):

a. <-- lists all databases available to that user via XML. It shows the TestDatabase database correctly.

b. <-- lists all records in the LayoutName layout


So far so good! These calls worked flawlessly for a number of hours.


5. Now, the next day, we try the same calls again:

a. <-- still works correctly and shows the TestDatabase database correctly

b. <-- fails with an 802 error!


No amount of tinkering has fixed the issue. That includes:


- Restarting the FM server

- Reuploading the database

- Changing the name of the database (and reuploading)

- Adding a new user and/or a new privilege set for XML access

- Rebooting the computer the FM server is running on

- Re-entering our license information


We are using the dev license and are only using XML -- we do not intend to use the PHP gateway.


This has happened twice so far, and so far the only fix has been to uninstall and re-install FM Server which is an enormous process.