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How To Attach Many Documents to a Single Record

Question asked by MarkNZ on Mar 1, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2013 by MarkNZ

Hi all,

Needing advice at this point..

I have created 9 container fields on a layout to hold pdf docs relating to a record..However I need to add up to 30 Documents to that record in addition to the main 9 ones.

How am I best to do this?

Am I best to create a new folder for each new record close to the FM file storage folder to hold these Documents..if so how would I create the link from the record ( client) layout.

These 20 - 30 docs will be viewed every now and then as the 9 Container fields on the layout will be the main ones regulary viewed.

I dont want to bogg the DB Down...


Anyway some initial pointers would be great...


Regards Mark