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FMP 12 (from 8.5)... Nav. panel -- WTF?

Question asked by sbcsys on Mar 2, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2013 by fmp

Just bought a copy of latest Filemaker Pro. Previously using v8.5, easily converted existing files.


BUT: How on earth to I get back the vertical navigation panel on the left?


FMP 12 seems to want to use this clodding great tool bar full wasted space right where I don't want it -- ie, at the top of the screen. We seem mostly to be using 'wide' screens now, so vertical space is at a premium, and all my previous files' layouts were sized to fit a given amount of data in the available real estate at a given window size. In the default state, that's all screwed.


I just cannot find the preference setting to restore the familiar panel -- nothing about it in the Help either, and it's driving me berserk. It actually feels a bit like a mid-90s version of Word, which is no compliment.


Sorry to seem stupid, but can someone tell me the secret?


Thanks in advance;