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    How would you do this?


      Using FM 12 Adv ...


      I have a Members TO.




      There is a Membership LO that holds: Name, Address etc...


      I want to create a 'new' LO that holds: Members_Name POPUP, MEMBERS::ADDRESS, MEMBERS::CITY etc...


      I want to be go to the 'new' LO and select a Member from the POPUP and then have the members::address, Members::CITY etc change according to that selected member.


      What is the best way to do this?


      Thanks for your help.



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          Try a relationship between members and membership based on the fk in membership (FK_MemberID I presume) to a global key in the local members file. When the selection is set, it should set the global to the member's id. That then completes the relationship. The membership fields on the layout are from that new relationship. Your value list for your popup should be set to have the id as the first field and the name in the second - showing only the name.

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            I think I am starting to get what you are talking about.  But, I don't think I was clear on what the setup is. 


            There is only 1 table:  Members.

            There are 2 Layouts:


            Membership based on Members


            Member Summary based on Members.  I create a 2nd TO of Members called MemberSummary (below)


            I created a global field in Members called gFK_MemberID (global) and created a 2nd table occurance joining Members::KP_MemberID  with MemberSummary::gFK_MemberID.



            popup 2.jpg

            I created the popup above.  But, this combination does not move the 'record pointer' when I select a new member.


            What am I missing?  Surely FM allows for this type of thing?

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              Value lists are not context sensitive and therefore not based on the record pointer or even the table.  If you need it to only show related records from another table occurrence, you'll have to use a portal or something that uses the calculation engine such as a dialog box. 

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                Thanks Taylor,

                It turns out that I needed to 'reset' the MemberSummary LO to be MemberSummary and not Members.  Ba boom... it works!


                Thanks for getting me looking in the right direction and with the right ideas.  Much appreciated.